A representational image of an Asian woman eating food. — Reuters

Chinese woman breaks four ribs while coughing violently after eating spicy food

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A representational image of an Asian woman eating food. — Reuters 

In a shocking incident, a woman broke four of her ribs after she had a coughing fit from eating spicy food, NDTV reported.

The woman, identified as Huang, is a resident of Shanghai and recovering from the injury after the unusual incident

It started when the woman had spicy food and started coughing violently. She then heard a cracking sound from her chest, however, she went about her business and ignored it.

A few days later, Huang started experiencing issues with talking and breathing after which she went to see a doctor. The CT scan revealed that she has four broken ribs. 

The doctors told her she needed to wrap bandages around her waist for a month so that the ribs could heal.

As per the report, the doctors said that the underlying reason the woman broke her ribs was her unhealthily low body weight.

Huang is 5 feet 6 inches tall and she weighs about 57 kilograms. She shared that her upper body is very thin and her ribcage is visible.

“Your ribs can be seen clearly under your skin. There is no muscle to support the bone, so it’s easy for your ribs to get fractured when coughing.” a doctor told Huang.

The woman said once she recovers from the injury, she will exercise to increase her muscle mass and upper body weight. 

Woman sues colleague for hugging her tightly and breaking ribs

Back in August, an unusual incident occurred when a Chinese woman sued her male co-worker for hugging her too tightly, claiming that the hug broke three of her ribs.

The co-worker was ordered by the court to give 10,000 Yuan — which is over Rs300,000 — in damages.

The woman was approached by her co-worker in the office while she was talking to someone else and gave her a tight hug after which she screamed in pain.

The woman felt irritated in the chest which also continued after she left the office. She, however, did not seek medical attention and resorted to treating herself at home.

She finally decided to get herself checked after she did not find any relief from the home remedies. The X-ray revealed that she had three broken ribs, two on the right and one on left. 

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