Image showing a wedding bouquet lying on the floor. — Unsplash/ Jamie Coupaud

Bride cancels wedding after groom-to-be says no to vegan food options for guests

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Image showing a wedding bouquet lying on the floor. — Unsplash/ Jamie Coupaud

Weddings are joyous occasions for people of every culture in this world. However, a lot of people are lately calling their weddings off over different issues.

From the bride refusing to tie the knot because of the groom’s dark complexion to a man calling the wedding off after his bride danced to a “controversial” song, netizens have seen it all.

Recently, a woman decided to cancel her wedding after her fiancé refused to have vegan food options on the menu. 

As reported by New York Post, a user named SarahJake2022 took to Reddit and shared the incident. The post garnered many comments from Redditors, with many telling the bride-to-be to recognise the “giant red flags” and “get out before it was too late”.

“There wasn’t much that we disagreed on during the wedding planning except for food. Me and my family are vegans and there so many reasons why we chose this lifestyle and one of them being that we have a history of health issues,” the user wrote on Reddit.

She wrote that her fiancé and his family were the “complete opposite” as they were “hardcore meat eaters”, adding that she did not have a problem with their choices, per se.

However, she wanted to add “four or five vegan options to the menu” but the man raised an objection to her demand and said that it would just be a “waste of money” as vegan food was not “real food”.

“I refused to argue about it and said it was final,” she wrote. “The other day, I found out that he had cancelled all the vegan options and took them off the menu completely and behind my back. I was seething. I called him at work but he kept hanging up on me.

“I went straight to his workplace and confronted him there and just flipped out on him. He was stunned to see me. He at first said it was his mum’s idea then told me to go home because I was making a scene at the office.”

The two got into an argument later on and it escalated to the point that led to the cancellation of the wedding.

Per the piece, she posted a second update on Reddit and announced the decision, adding that the matter had gone beyond the negotiation stage. 

Screengrab of the users second update on Reddit. — Reddit
Screengrab of the user’s second update on Reddit. — Reddit

Most Redditors praised the bride’s decision, saying that she did the right thing because the man seemed to be disrespectful and manipulative.

“Good for you! Marriage IS about compromise and it doesn’t sound like your ex is interested in compromising or even letting you have a say in things. That isn’t a partnership,” one of the users wrote.

“Is there a better way to start a marriage than making sure that the bride has nothing to eat on her wedding day?” another one chimed in.

Meanwhile, a third user commented that the man needs to grow up.

“You made the right decision. Your ex isn’t ready to get married if he has to resort to going behind your back regarding the food options at your own wedding. He has a lot of growing up to do.”

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