Illustration that represents cybersecurity.— Unsplash

Big tech firms to join forces to track cyberattacks better

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Illustration that represents cybersecurity.— Unsplash 

Some of the world’s biggest tech companies have decided to join hands to track and fight cyberattacks via  a new cyber-intel sharing standard, Tech Radar reported.

Launched at the recent Black Hat USA conference, the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) is supported by big names like  Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM’s cybersecurity arm.

Once OCSF starts running, it will standardise notifications that come from different cybersecurity monitoring endpoints.

This will help companies keep faster track of incoming intelligence.

A report showed that over 75% of 280 security professionals wanted more interoperability for their cybersecurity tools.

Patrick Coughlin, Splunk’s group vice president of the security market, said that people wanted them to figure out solutions to the challenges companies were facing.

Coughlin said that security leaders were fighting with integration gaps across different “sets of application, service and infrastructure providers”.

 “This is a problem that the industry needed to come together to solve.”

Since there are many customer software in the security world, an open standard that is accepted by the majority can make operations convenient and efficient. 

Currently, IT teams have to run several dashboards for different actions like logging in. Sometimes, they are forced to write an addition code.

Among the prominent names  other than AWS, Splunk and IBM, are  Cloudflare,  IronNet, Palo Alto Networks, Okta,  DTEX Systems,  and  JupiterOne.

Reportedly, the work on documentation began last year.

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