4 dishes that will cool you down this summer

4 dishes that will cool you down this summer

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While the heat has significantly reduced with the rain spell across the country, summertime is still upon us and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Apart from the long hours of sunlight, the best part about the hot months is the fresh variety of produce it offers. 

From cherries to mangoes to watermelon and lime, we have options for sweet and sour, and a mixture of both. 

Compiled from Food Network, here is a list of dishes for all the lazy days where you wish to not go near the hot stove but are still craving some finger-licking homemade lunch or dinner. These foods will help you stay cool, nourished and enjoy the fresh bounty of fruits and vegetables that the season has to offer.

1. Fruit ice lollies

Nothing screams summer like some ice lollies! But you don’t have to wait for an ice cream cart to swing by or going out in the heat because you can now make your own. Customise your ice lollies – and beautify them – depending on the fruit of your liking. 

To make a bright sweet cherry one, all you need is cherries, water and any sweetener like honey or maple syrup. You could do the same with pineapples, lemonades and bananas too. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy a Popsicle day!

2. Beetroot soup

The gorgeous colour alone should win you over if not the thick creamy consistency and taste of this scrumptious yet lesser-known soup. While we are aware soup and summer don’t go together, this one is sure to change your mind.4 dishes that will cool you down this summer

You need some beetroots (depending on how many people are eating), oil, celery, dill and vegetable broth to stir up this delicious soup. Sauté the vegetables in oil and add the broth when golden brown. Blend the beets with some curd and add the mix. Voila! It’s that easy.

3. Za’atar Tomatoes with Hummus

Hummus is the perfect dip as an appetizer, although a little bland for our taste sometimes. However, the spiced tomatoes that pool in the centre of this recipe take hummus-eating to a whole new level.

4 dishes that will cool you down this summer

Simply dress some fresh tomatoes with olive oil, salt, and za’atar to top a super creamy homemade hummus. A tip to take it to the next level will be to add sesame seeds to your Za’atar. Serve with fresh garlic or pita bread.

4. Mango Trifle

It cannot be summer without mangoes in every dessert. When bored of homemade mango shakes and icecreams, try your hand with this yummy fruit trifle.

4 dishes that will cool you down this summerCrush some spongey cake to make the base for this dessert. Cut a mango in pieces and add one layer of it. Whisk the remaining mango puree into some whipped cream, which will make your third layer. The fourth layer will be of just whipped cream taking the stage. Top it up with some more mangoes and dig in!

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